10 Baby Products You Actually Don’t Need.


New mom’s.

I’m going to be real with you.

You are a walking, talking target.

Just go ahead and picture your belly with a big ole’ bullseye on it, because there are companies scheming and planning ways to get you to spend your money on their products! Every day, they are trying to think up new, “hot,” “must-have” products that new, unsuspecting parents, don’t realize are a complete waste.

But, the truth is, as a mom to 3, I’m here to tell you that there are a ton of products out there that you just don’t need!

Some are even counterproductive!

So, here goes, my list of baby products that are literally, a waste money.


The Belly Casting Thing.

belly cast

Yes, pregnancy is beautiful. Yes, it’s amazing how big your belly gets. Yes, after you have your baby, you will be in awe of what your body did, but to cast your belly? No thanks. Sure, it’s kinda cool, at first, but where does this thing go after the newness wears off? Are you planning on stacking diapers in it? Will it be used as wall decor? Unless you plan to use it as a bottle bin, this thing will eventually end up in the trash. Take lots of pictures, instead. Those don’t take up any space.    😉


Baby Laundry Detergent.

baby laundry detergent


Chances are, you won’t need this. Yes, baby’s skin is delicate, but I’m 3 for 3 now on using regular laundry detergent for my babies. Unless your baby has some sort of reaction to what you’re using, give regular detergent a try before you automatically sign up for an additional expense.



Baby Shoes.

baby shoes

Baby shoes are so stinking cute. They really are! But they are probably the least practical purchase that you can make! Do you know what happens when you put shoes on your baby? They kick them off. Then, when they’re a little older, they pull them off and chew on them. It’s hard enough keeping socks on them! My youngest is 7 months old, and the only shoes that she has were gifts from other people, because this mama isn’t wasting her $$ on something that she will 1) Outgrow super fast and 2) Maybe wear 1 time (like, for family pictures). Kiddos usually don’t start walking until at least after 9 months old, so hold on to your dollars until then! Trust me, kids shoes aren’t cheap! Instead, buy some good socks, that actually stay on!


Diaper Pail.

diaper genie

I bought a diaper pail with my first baby and it seemed like a really practical purchase, but here’s what happens. Your baby gets around 3 months old and that sucker starts filling up quicker and quicker. Before you know it, just a few diapers and that stupid thing needs to be changed again. By the time my kids were 6 months old, I was really having to cram their super-sized diapers in the pail. Save your money (those refill bags cost $$), and the hassle of adding one more thing to your to-do list, and skip this part. By baby number 3, you’ll be throwing the diapers in the kitchen trash, and walking the stinky ones to the outside bin, anyway.


Pacifier Wipes.

pacifier wipes

I never bought into these. Yes, pacifiers hit the floor frequently. Yes, there are germs on the floor. Buy a pacifier clip, for less than $7, instead. There. Problem solved. Pack an extra pacifier. Use a baby wipe and build their immunity. Ain’t nobody got time to locate the pacifier wipes in the diaper bag, while their baby is screaming wanting it back.



Formula Mixer.

formula mixer


Lord have mercy. These things are like $150+. One hundred and fifty buckaroos. Just to mix a darn bottle? Nope. Nope. Nope. Whole bunch of nope. Mixing a bottle is not that hard or time consuming. This is like the luxury of all luxuries. If you really need to expedite the mixing process, get a portable formula dispenser off of Amazon for $2.99.



Diaper Stacker.

diaper stacker


So, I had one of these because it was included with my super expensive bedding set that I bought with my first-born. It was filled to the rim prior to having baby, but after a few months, it was just another hassle. It ended up being SO much easier to fill up the baskets on the changing table, rather than the diaper stacker.



Crib Bumpers.

crib bumpers

Again, crib bumpers came with my expensive bedding set (go ahead and skip that, too), and they’re totally unnecessary. Not to mention, a lot of experts say that they’re unsafe. The truth is, that babies rolling into their crib rails and hurting themselves is really just not a thing. With my last 2, I opted out of crib bumpers and I’m happy to report there have been no injuries. They are simply decorative and possibly dangerous (I’ll let you do your own research).


Baby Wipe Warmer.

baby wipe warmer


A friend of mine bought one of these with her first-born and shortly thereafter was cussing it. Why? Because her little bundle of joy was so used to have a nice, warm, baby wipe on her butt, that anytime she didn’t have one (like when they weren’t at home), she threw a fit at the sensation of a cold wipe. She literally spoiled her baby with warm baby wipes.


Baby Food Maker.

baby food processor

Alright guys. The marketing on this one is strong- real strong. These baby food makers are “just for baby food” and come with a bunch of little containers to store the baby food in, and they also come with a hefty price tag of, like $60+. Here’s the thing mama’s. It’s just a mini food processor. That’s it. Just a food processor. There’s nothing fancy or extra about it that calls for that expensive price tag, unless you just really enjoy that little green smiley face on the front. Get you a mini food processor for less than $25, and a set  of small containers for less than $9, instead, and call it a day. A day  where you saved some change. (P.S. there are a ton of baby food recipes on Pinterest for FREE).


There it is, guys. 10 baby-related products that mama’s just really don’t need. What would you add to the list? I feel like I could probably come up with, at least, 50 things! Share this with an expecting, first time mama if you love her!



Photo Credit: Misty Carter Photography


2 thoughts on “10 Baby Products You Actually Don’t Need.

  1. Holly says:

    I’m 3 of 3 too. After our first we just did a pack n play, cheaper and you can cart with you if you travel.
    I never used a changing table, I just always did it on the floor or a bed, rarely ever did they pee all over.
    I would list more but I’m having a mommy brain moment
    Agree on all of the above. My youngest is 7 months too (may 24)


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